Can a Sales Health Check Help Your Business to Sell More?

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Revenue Pains? Maybe you need a Sales Health Check – it’s FREE at Coyne Sales and Marketing

A Sales Health Check is a high-level audit of your company’s sales capabilities. It shows, in a clear graphical format, where your sales resources are in good health and where there’s relative weakness. Coyne Sales and Marketing deliver two types of sales audit. Firstly, the Sales Health Check which is free of charge. Secondly, the Depth Sales Audit, which is a larger project and you must pay for. Both are primarily for businesses with at least five customer-facing staff (sales or service).

Just like a personal health check, it’s better done before any acute problems arise and is valuable only if corrective measures are identified and then acted upon. Even if we feel fit, a regular check-up makes good sense to catch problems early – and so it is with a Sales Health Check.


Sales Health Checks and Depth Sales Audits Compared

The Sales Health Check is a questionnaire-based analysis of the 10 key organisational drivers of sales performance. I’ll put questions to sales leadership in an interview format.

A Depth Sales Audit goes into much more detail. I’ll gather observations and opinions from differing parts of the sales organisation and non-sales company leadership teams. Crucially, they also involve feedback from customers and where, possible, prospects that didn’t buy.

What Information is Reviewed?


Information reviewed in the Sales Health Check covers 10 key organisational drivers of sales performance. These range from the skills of the customer-facing team(s), the value proposition, competitors and selling messages through to thought leadership and use of technology.


What Do You Get from the Sales Health Check?

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Sales Health Check Spider Chart

Output is a two-page report that provides a spider chart (sometimes known as a radar chart) which shows your scores against the ideal. It clearly indicates those organisational drivers that need more of your attention and will help you to prioritise your sales development. In addition, I’ll make specific recommendations for changes that you should incorporate into your business.

What Does the Sales Health Check Deliver to Your Business?

Once you know which levers to pull, you can get to work to instigate changes in your business that will improve sales performance through the company. It will help you gain competitive advantage and up-skill your team.

The Sales Health Check is a free high-level sales audit from Coyne Sales and Marketing. There’s no obligation to follow recommendations made as part of this audit. There’s no obligation to purchase services or products from any organisation or individual, including Coyne Sales and Marketing.

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Sales Health Check

Based in Great Dunmow, Essex, Coyne Sales and Marketing helps businesses of all types and sizes to sell more. Marketing services include marketing plans, out-sourced social media, advertising, PR and promotions. Sales services include consultancy and training of field based sales staff, inside sales and customer service. Also export market research and development, partner/affiliate identification and sign-up.

As well as Sales Health Checks and Depth Sales Audits, there are Marketing Health Checks and Depth Marketing Audits available. For smaller businesses, including single operator companies, a free of charge Sales and Marketing Health Check is the best option.

About the author: Chris Coyne

A customer experience, sales and marketing consultant with broad experience of multiple markets and board-level job functions. His mission is to help clients to profit from delivering better customer experiences. He impacts on business performance in terms of sales improvement, marketing outsourcing and telemarketing/customer service transformations. Typically this is achieved through audits, consultancy, training and programme delivery.