Customer service audits, consultancy and training for contact centres of all sizes, bespoke to your business and delivered on-site. Customer service excellence training covering all aspects of multi-media contact management; up-selling and cross-selling, complaints and personal communications skills programmes.

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Customer Service Skills and Training

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Customer Service Audits

These are independent, external audits of the capability, effectiveness and efficiency of customer service teams. They address the needs of customers first and determine whether staff have the necessary ‘tools’ to deal with the challenges they face. The steps needed to be taken to improve performance will be identified within the audit report.

Customer Service Consultancy

Usually follows an audit to put together a plan for what additional support the customer service team require. The overall objective is normally to streamline effectiveness, reduce inefficiency and improve the customer experience. It can involve knowledge sharing, process design/redesign, customer expectations management and the production of a training needs analysis for some or all of the customer service staff.

Customer Service Training

Phase 1 of any training assignment involves understanding; listening to and observing your team, product/service familiarisation, review of marketing  content, identifying training needs and will involve 1 or more days on-site. It may be part of a wider-ranging consultancy programme, as outlined above, or commence a specific training programme.

Phase 2 is the creation of a bespoke training plan for the team and individuals within it. Management will be given the opportunity to approve these prior to delivery.

Phase 3 is the development of training materials and organising the delivery of training.

Phase 4 is the delivery of training, on-site or off-site, as required. Training will address the items identified in the agreed training needs analysis and plans. Typically it will involve some or all of the following:

Bespoke customer service consultancy and training
Bespoke training for customer service
  • the value of customers to the business;
  • understanding customer needs;
  • defining excellence in the customer experience and customer service;
  • active listening skills;
  • communication skills (including non-verbal communications);
  • problem solving and solutions;
  • positivity;
  • personalising the customer experience;
  • up-selling and cross-selling;
  • adding value to customer relationships.

Phase 5 is detailed individual follow-up. It ensures that the changes introduced are put into effect and that there are no further issues to address from the agreed training plans.

Finally, following any programme delivery, we’ll arrange regular reviews, along with the development of in-house training programmes with your own staff. This promotes the transfer of skills to your organisation; available for use thereafter.

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