Customer Value Maximisation (CVM)

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It all points to one place: customer value

CVM concerns itself with the most important person in any business: the customer.

Coyne Sales and Marketing helps clients to identify, acquire and retain more customers. This is achieved through audits, consultancy and training in two broad areas, Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Ask about customer value audits before you start any new initiatives. They deliver a benchmark from which you can evaluate priorities and most importantly, what value you’re adding.

Customer Experience

CX programmes provide an independent, external analysis of how buyers find you. That’s how they come across your business in the first place. It’s how they move from interest to purchase to loyalty. It’s knowing what makes them stay, or not. CX is viewing your business from the customers’ perspective.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is inwardly focused to your organisation because it’s about the actions available to retain customers’ business. CRM maximises long term value (LTV). It’s more about process, attitude and activity than ‘CRM systems’. Support programmes are available to help you select and implement a CRM system, get the most value out of your vendor and set it up for the needs of your business, not theirs.

Customer Success programmes are an important part of the CRM skill-set; they ensure that your clients make the most of the products and services you provide. I design them to ensure that clients get full value from those products and services. It’s particularly important in B2B technology markets but is often highly relevant in other sectors too.

Find out more about customer value maximisation through the customer experience and CRM pages.  Also see the large number of blogs on the topics of CRM, CX, success, sales, marketing, service and value.

Coyne Sales and Marketing wants to work with you to ensure that you have the best customer strategy and plans in place in your business. This gives you the best opportunity of generating sustainable growth. Get in touch now for an informal chat over coffee to share ideas.

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