CRM That Maximises Long Term Value (LTV)

CRM expertise
CRM builds business with stronger customer knowledge


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) brings together the internal services within a company that come into contact with a customer.

As such it provides a single, holistic view of each customer relationship. So when a customer service agent in the call centre talks to a customer, he/she can see everything about them. This can be from a sales, service, finance or marketing perspective. It provides joined up services rather than operating in functional silos. Because it crosses departmental boundaries, it requires teamwork and awareness of the needs of others.

That’s why it’s a good idea to bring in an independent consultant or contractor to initiate the service.

Value Is First Priority in CRM

Coyne Sales and Marketing delivers CRM programmes that maximise the long-term value (LTV) of each customer to you. They give direct, measurable value first and foremost. Then also indirectly, through customer advocacy. This is where I generate activity that encourages reference and review content to promote new, profitable business.

                                                               Customer Success

CRM processes, systems and customer success
CRM processes, systems and customer success

Customer Success is about ensuring that your customers get everything they expect and more from your products and services. As such, it’s a subset of CRM. It’s an important approach for B2B technology companies that can be applied to other B2B businesses. Ask for more information about how Coyne Sales and Marketing can introduce customer success programmes for you.

In many ways, CRM is similar to the concept of customer experience, although CX is more of an external view of your business from the customer’s perspective. CRM is more focused on the constituent parts of your company. They work together, in parallel, in an ideal world.

To be effective, CRM or customer success practitioners must be highly pro-active. It’s part-customer service,  part-trainer, part-account manager, part-marketer, part-adviser, part-tech-support, …

This is the rare blend of knowledge, experience and aptitude that Chris Coyne offers to your business.

Customer Loyalty More Important Than New Tech

This is very much the original concept of Customer Relationship Management. It’s where CRM stops being a systems cost and delivers LTV to your business.

Most CRM ‘consultants’ are somehow linked to the sale or purchase of CRM systems, in other words a cost to your business. I provide vendor-neutral advice on product selection, implementation or configuration to your needs. Also I deliver training to give you a rapid return on your investment. Contact Chris before engaging any vendors; most of the value of CRM comes long after the vendors have moved into the background.