Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute 2015

Digital Marketing Agency for All Online Advertising and Marketing

Our approach to digital marketing starts with understanding our clients and their objectives. From this, a digital strategy and plan can be developed and most importantly, measured.

As all client businesses are different, we approach each digital marketing challenge uniquely. That way, we can focus on getting the right results, on-budget and on-time.

Coyne Sales and Marketing work as a digital marketing agency, for clients in all aspects of online marketing. These include SEO, responsive website development, content strategy, social media and digital advertising.

Importantly, as a results-focussed internet marketing business, we always ensure that clients have full visibility of all campaign or project results. The unique way that we do this is to provide a digital dashboard for all online advertising clients. This presents live, complex data in a straightforward manner. It improves client understanding and decision-making.

Agency Director and Founder, Chris Coyne, has worked with digital marketing programmes since 2001. In 2015 he studied for and earned a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

search engine optimisation, SEO expert in Dunmow, Essex

SEO is the cornerstone of all digital marketing activity. It’s our belief that SEO should be the first thing you do; before website, advertising or social media development.

SEO is concerned with your organic page rank in search engines. With c.90% of UK searches going through Google, this will be the primary focus.

There are 3 broad steps that we go through when undertaking SEO work for clients; research, optimisation and reporting. Check out the SEO page for more information about our SEO services. Or set up a call or meeting at your offices.


Responsive Website Design and Development

website development from Coyne Sales & MarketingCoyne Sales and Marketing design and build websites that work. They have a clean, simple design; they generate web traffic, leads and business for our clients.

All of our sites are mobile-responsive, delivering a rich user experience (UX) irrespective of the device used to view them.

Find out more at the website design page, see examples from our portfolio of client websites. Contact us to see our latest projects and discuss your needs.

Social Media Marketing

content strategy, content management, social media, social media marketing, content marketing

For social media marketing, we’ll take over all or part of the activity in your social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and others. Adopting an appropriate tone of voice for your business and mixing marketing messages with social engagement, we’ll ensure we don’t alienate followers. We’ll always seek to build your following as well as generating leads.

it’s not always about selling more though. Coyne Sales and Marketing can also help you to set up a customer service channel using social media.  

Contact the digital marketing agency to discuss your content and social media requirements.

Online Advertising

digital advertising, internet advertising, online advertising, PPCPay per click (PPC) online advertising is an essential weapon in the digital marketing agency arsenal. Coyne Sales and Marketing can take you to search or display channels,  Google, Facebook or others. We’ll always ensure you get the best value for money from well-targeted ad campaigns.

We create the media strategy that sets the direction. Then we produce your online advertisements. After that, we buy the media on your behalf. Continuously, we refine the campaigns. Finally, we report regularly on progress, in an honest and transparent manner.

Find out more about our online advertising capabilities and services, set up a call or meeting at your offices.

Digital Dashboards

One of the greatest challenges facing modern marketers is that of data. The sheer volume of it emanating from digital marketing channels. The more active you are online, the more extensive your advertising and ecommerce activities are, the tougher the problem becomes.

We can deliver you a bespoke dashboard that brings ALL of your native digital advertising data together with your organic and web traffic data from Google Analytics. It’s not just for corporates; it works really well for SMEs that are active on the web. Saves you money and frees up a lot of expensive time.

Check out the video introduction and further product information. Then book a demo.

One dashboard, data from potentially over 350 digital channels (not just the Google ones), live data at any time plus reports at fixed time intervals. Useful information that empowers you to change campaigns on the fly, for better ROI. Saves you hours of poring over XL sheets and £££s in reduced ad budget wastage. All for a low monthly fee that includes set-up of bespoke views and reports to your needs.

How soon do you want your digital advertising dashboard? Understand it better by booking a demo now.

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Save time analysing digital advertising data