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Be More Effective with a Customised Digital Advertising Dashboard

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Check out our digital advertising dashboard. It’ll save you time and money while helping  to improve your online advertising and organic search performance.

One of the greatest challenges facing modern marketers is that of data. Specifically, the sheer volume of it coming from digital marketing channels. The more active you are online, the greater your advertising and ecommerce activities are, the tougher the problem.

Coyne Sales and Marketing deliver a bespoke dashboard that brings ALL of your native digital advertising data together. It also consolidates your organic and web traffic data from Google Analytics. It’s not just for corporates; it also works really well for SMEs that are active on the web. Saves you money and frees up a lot of expensive time.

One dashboard, data from potentially over 350 digital channels (not just the Google ones), live data and reports at fixed intervals. Useful information that empowers you to change campaigns on the fly, for better ROI. Saves you hours of poring over XL sheets and £££s in reduced ad budget wastage. All for a low monthly fee that includes set-up of bespoke views and reports to your needs.

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See How the Digital Advertising Dashboard Saves Time and Boosts Ad Effectiveness

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Book a demo to see live data from one of our reference clients. You’ll see digital advertising data from numerous online PPC channels, affiliate networks and organic search data. This  combines with web analytics to show each channel’s effectiveness in driving web traffic, conversions and sales. We calculate Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) data and comparisons are made between channels.

digital advertising dashboard, digital marketing dashboard

The image above shows a small selection of charts on one client’s digital advertising dashboard, anonymised for the web. We’ve also developed different dashboards for different team members at client sites. For example, the marketing manager dashboard has more operational detail than senior management or finance director dashboards.


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