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Vast choice of online advertising.

Pay per click (PPC) online advertising is an essential weapon in the digital marketing agency arsenal. Coyne Sales and Marketing can take you to search or display channels,  Google, Facebook or others. Alternatively, digital advertising on YouTube, remarketing, Google Shopping or affiliate channels may be more appropriate for your needs.

If you’re uncertain as to which of the myriad of options is going to be best for you, then ask about the choices available.

How Our Online Advertising Service Works

We work with you, the client, to create the media strategy that sets the direction. Then we produce your online advertising copy. After that, we buy the media on your behalf. Continuously, we refine and optimise the campaigns. Finally, we report regularly on progress, in an honest and transparent manner. We’ll always ensure you get the best value for money and return on your investment in well-targeted ad campaigns.

To demonstrate the transparency of our reporting, all online advertising clients of Coyne Sales and Marketing also receive a Digital Advertising Dashboard free of charge.*

To find out more about our online advertising capabilities and services, set up a call or meeting at your offices.


Why PPC Is So Popular With Businesses Of All Sizes

PPC online advertising is used by businesses of all types and size as an effective way of promoting their products and services. The reasons you should consider it are:


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* Digital Advertising Dashboard made available from the second month of advertising onwards.