Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Firstly, SEO is the cornerstone of all digital marketing activity. Consequently it should be the first thing you do, before website, advertising, content or social media development. Whatever you’re creating, it needs to be found by your target market. SEO will help you to achieve that.

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Primarily, search engine optimisation is concerned with your organic page rank in search engines. Of course, with c.90% of UK searches going through Google at any moment, this will be our first focus of attention.  We may consider others, such as Microsoft’s Bing, as well. This is dependent upon the planned level of activity and historical usage.

Please, don’t listen to disreputable agencies guaranteeing or offering top of page 1 ranking if you sign up with them. Google determines page-rank  by a complex algorithm. The secret formula includes competitor activity and bid levels, so no-one can guarantee any positioning.

Rigorous Method of SEO Development

We follow a tried and tested, rigorous method to push you up the rankings and get you found on the web. There are no quick-fixes in SEO. Although we’d expect immediate improvements for most clients, best results generally take a few months to achieve.

There are 3 broad steps that Coyne Sales and Marketing go through when undertaking SEO work for clients. These are research, optimisation and reporting. They each include the following steps:

Call or contact us to discuss how we can help your business to get found on the web.

Check out the agency’s blog pages to find out the latest SEO news and more information. Other good sources of industry news include Moz and the Google Blog.

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