Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing can be time-consuming. Especially if you want to elevate it beyond the purely social into something strategic and targeted.

That’s why you should consider outsourcing to a qualified, experienced digital marketing professional at Coyne Sales and Marketing.

Prior to embarking on any social media marketing, we will agree a content strategy and plan with the client. This determines the editorial content of blogs, case studies and other content. It also considers content curation and re-purposing and sets the strategy for social media posts to follow.

We can take over all or part of the activity in your social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and others. We’ll adopt an appropriate tone of voice for your business and mix marketing messages with social engagement to ensure we don’t alienate followers. We’ll always seek to build your following as well as generating leads.

Social Media and Customer Service

It’s not always about selling more though. Coyne Sales and Marketing can help you to set up a customer service channel using social media. It’s a contemporary, efficient way to improve responsiveness, problem resolution and enhance customer loyalty. It works because it’s fast for customers and communicates through the channels they are most comfortable with.



That’s technical, training and strategic communications support. One-stop digital marketing and customer service agency support. Give us a call (07508 164333) or message below to find out more.



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