Health Checks and Audits

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Our health checks and audits help clients to understand the value that Coyne Sales and Marketing can bring to their companies.

Health checks are completely free of charge, so there’s no risk to you, the client. They’re an excellent way of focussing on the business’ strengths and opportunities for change.

Audits are paid for; they’re much more detailed and take longer to produce.


Health Checks

A health check will focus on the commercial aspects of the business.  It takes the form of a structured questionnaire. It’s an interview-based analysis, on-site, with a senior member of the team who can answer for your business. The questionnaire considers 10 key drivers of sales and/or marketing performance. It has around 100 questions in all and takes up to two hours to complete. Finally, at the end of the meeting we discuss a visual report of your relative strengths and opportunity areas, as revealed by your responses. A two-page write up is delivered shortly afterwards, within one working day.

sales health check, spider chart, radar chart
Visual Output from a Sales Health Check

There are three types of Health Check available:

Check out the blog pages for more information about health checks.


Coyne Sales and Marketing offer 3 types of paid-for audits: