Strategic Marketing Consultancy for marketing transformation
Customer insight precedes marketing transformation

Every business needs marketing transformation of some kind. The role of marketing for most SMEs is to generate sales leads and ultimately purchase of your products and services. This applies to all sectors: B2B, B2C and B2B2C, too.

Since most customers move seamlessly between online and offline channels, our marketing must, as well. To that end, Coyne Sales and Marketing ensures that digital knowledge and experience informs offline campaigns, and vice-versa.

offline marketing; poster advertising, Heckford Norton
Poster developed by Coyne Sales and Marketing for Heckford Norton, 2018

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is, of course, measurability. However, there’s no reason not to measure offline activity as well. We will work with you to ensure that your ROI for offline activity can be evaluated.

Of particular relevance to offline activity is local marketing. This is something that we have strong experience of and can show examples of how it can work for any client seeking more business from its locality.

The type of offline activity we have the capability and experience to provide includes:

  • Advertising (print, TV and Cinema)
  • Public Relations (PR, press releases, media management, crisis management)
  • Sales Promotion
  • Leaflets
  • Sales team collateral (effective sales materials to aid the selling process)
  • Market Research

Prior to embarking on transformation, Coyne Sales and Marketing Ltd. recommend conducting a thorough marketing health check. This reveals existing strengths, competitiveness and quality as well as opportunities for improvement. It provides a free way of scoping and focusing an assignment.


Offline Marketing Transformation Principles

The fundamental marketing principles that you can expect from this company are always:

  • deep, rapid understanding of the target market and trading environment;
  • measurable return on investment for every penny spent;
  • support for sales teams, including the generation of high quality sales leads;
  • creativity and originality of approach in all strategies, plans and programmes;
  • an appropriate blend of inbound, digital and mobile marketing methods (‘pull‘) as well as traditional, offline above- and below-the-line activities including PR (‘push‘ or ‘broadcast‘);
  •  support and guidance in the choice and implementation of marketing automation technology.
    20 years of marketing transformation experience
    Marketing Transformation Consultancy

As marketing transformation consultants, we have sufficient senior level experience to offer both marketing strategy support and practical, hands-on delivery.

In the last few years we’ve been able to understand more and more about buyers. We can now see exactly where they go online and how this influences purchasing decisions. That insight is vital as it’s imperative that we engage with our customers in the way that they want us to. Customer Experience Management is an essential part of modern marketing. If we don’t embrace these innovations, our competitors will. Marketing is a lot more precise than ever and you need a specialist that can keep pace with the new dynamics of engagement.


Chris Coyne has over 30 years of brand marketing excellence. In addition, to demonstrate current skills, he also possesses a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. With first-hand knowledge of consumer markets as well as business to business marketing, he can offer excellent support where you need it most.

Chris’ experience is complemented by a strong and established team providing specialist skills, such as web design, graphics, advertising development, content creation and PR.

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