Join us for a Sales Improvement Workshop in Chelmsford on 17th October!

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Sales for non-sales people that need to sell
R-E-A-C-H conversational selling is neither pushy nor manipulative.

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What’s It About?

There are 3 sessions within this workshop, all designed to help your business to sell more.

The primary session will introduce you to R-E-A-C-H© Conversational Selling, a non-pushy, ‘non-salesy’ method of making more sales through structured conversations.  Ideal for those that have not had formal sales training but need to be able to bring in the business, it’s easy to learn, remember and use.  Designed and delivered by Chris Coyne, it’ll bring you more business and greater customer loyalty. More details are below.

The second session is called No-one Cares About Your Product: Brand, Bravery and Social Media. Steve Chew, Co-Founder of Harlow business, Magnificent Stuff will explain why you need to stop trying to sell your product and start selling yourself. Further details below.

The final session of the Sales Improvement Workshop will be from James Garrett of HNE Media, called Grow Your Business with Educational Marketing Videos. More details.

There’s a comprehensive workbook for each delegate, for use during the workshop and afterwards for reference.                                      Book Now

get more orders with R-E-A-C-H conversational selling; REACH conversational sales methodWho Should Attend and Why?

This Sales Improvement Workshop is designed for business leaders and their staff looking to improve their sales performance through adding new skills.

Although you are no doubt a specialist in your own field, unless you’ve had the training, making sales can be a hit-and-miss affair. If you feel uncomfortable with the notion of manipulative closing techniques or don’t want to seem pushy, then R-E-A-C-H© Conversational Selling is a modern method of conducting business, designed for you!



An oasis of calm in the busy city of Chelmsford

An oasis of calm in the centre of the city, The Chelmsford Club has been recently re-furbished and updated. There’s limited free parking on-site (for those that arrive first) and nearby public parking (for those that don’t). It’s walking distance from the bus and train stations, too.


Tuesday 17th October, 2017. Please arrive at 9:45 am for a 10:00 am start. The workshop will finish at 2:30 pm.

How Much?

The cost is only £80 + VAT to include  all 3 sessions as described, plus a workbook, buffet lunch and refreshments.

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Session #1: R-E-A-C-H© Conversational Selling

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Sales Improvement Workshop: R-E-A-C-H Conversational Selling

This unique sales method avoids the need for manipulative closing techniques when making sales. It harnesses the power of structured conversations that naturally lead to sales.

R-E-A-C-H© conversational selling will help you to form stronger, more durable and valuable customer relationships. ALSO, you’ll discover:

  • clarity of purpose when you engage with customers;
  • a mental map of the route your conversations should follow;
  • techniques to influence each step of the sales conversation.

The R-E-A-C-H© mnemonic provides an easy-to-remember and use method of keeping you on track during your sales conversations, keeping sales success within reach at all times.

Chris Coyne brings over 30 years of sales and marketing experience to this Sales Improvement Workshop. He’s held board-level positions in sales, marketing and CRM functions and worked for large multi-nationals as well as local SMEs. His experience covers consumer products, business-to-business services, software and medical products.


Session #2: No-One Cares About Your Product – Brand, Bravery and Social Media

Steve Chew, Co-Founder of Harlow business, Magnificent Stuff will explain why you need to stop trying to sell your product and start selling yourself.

Steve’s career highlights include:

  • Head of Content at Magnificent Stuff
  • Responsible for all aspects of Digital Marketing, Copy and Social Media
  • Prolific Blogger and social media addict
  • Published Author Archaeologist, Bookseller, Publican and Lecturer
  • 25 years in management – employed and self-employed

Session #3: Grow Your Business with Educational Marketing Videos

James Garrett
, of HNE Media Services shows how to use video to educate and inform your audience; building trust and generating sales. He’ll also cover video curation and SEO techniques to drive video views.

James’ career highlights include:

  • Head of Training Academy at HNE Media Services.
  • UK-wide video production and training service, based in Hertfordshire.
  • Highly experienced in directing, filming, editing and planning.
  • Videography expertise with live shows, weddings, events, promotional films and documentaries.
  • Corporate, educational and private clients.