Conversational Selling: Why is it Essential for Small Businesses?

Conversational selling has evolved as a non-pushy, natural method of selling that is both popular and highly effective. While there are those among its advocates that suggest it’s purely for transactional, retail selling (or B2C), I disagree. I’m a firm believer that its main benefits apply to businesses in any sector, particularly small businesses. Many […]

New Sales Leader? 3-Month Journey Plan to Sales Success

If you’re a new sales leader wanting to make an impact and enjoy sales success, follow this 3-month journey plan. The average tenure of a sales leader/director/VP/Manager is short, some say as little as 19 months. I can find no hard evidence of this, but my experience and consensus across otherwise reliable sources indicates 19-24 […]

5 Good Reasons to use Outbound Telesales

Outbound telesales has become a much-maligned business-to-business tool over the years. Sometimes I think it’s because people confuse it with B2C telemarketing, or perhaps sales managers find it frightening and lack the skills to make outbound telesales work for them. So, this is my reasoning for why an outbound telesales campaign is a must for […]

6 Routes to Sales Improvement

People often ask me how I would go about a sales improvement programme at a company. The short answer is, ‘it depends…’ Firstly, I must say that there’s no magic formula for sales improvement. It depends on the specifics of each client’s business. Some clients need a complete sales turnaround and revitalisation. Others may be seeking to open new channels […]

4 of the Best B2B Sales Prospecting Methods

Sales prospecting, according to some, is becoming redundant with the advent of inbound marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. OK, so in a perfect world the marketing department supplies a steady procession of high quality, inbound leads, sufficient for the entire sales team to bust target, right? Wake up! It never works like […]