Business Development Consultancy

Specialist business development consultancy and contract services to support business growth in a global economy.

With many years of  international sales and marketing experience in multiple sectors, Coyne Sales and Marketing can help your business to expand. We’ll help you to trade profitably from new markets, channels and sectors.

Typically this will either be for exports from the UK, new market development within the UK or exports from overseas into the UK. The latter is focussed on the healthcare IT market; otherwise broad sector experience is available to support many types of business.

International Trade and Exports from the UK

Business development consultancy support for export, International Trade, new markets, open new channels and sectors
Research and business development to open new markets and for international trade

For UK companies looking to export goods or services, firstly check out how Coyne Sales and Marketing helps businesses to generate international sales. This may involve all or some of:

  • market research
  • identification of markets, sectors and countries
  • identification of optimum route to market
  • partner identification
  • international marketing support
  • partner identification
  • opening up target markets with first sales.

A ‘graduate’ of Passport to Export (now run by DIT), Chris Coyne has worked with UK Trade and Investment and British Embassies/Chambers of Commerce, worldwide.  This includes EMEA, Asia & the USA while at several companies and on consultancy assignments. HIs previous consultancy, Custometrix provided qualitative research for the Eastern Region of UKTI on the effectiveness of Passport to Export, at the time. He also benefited from consultancy referrals from UKTI and the local Business Link team, usually for market research and business development work. Consequently expert advice is available as to the best ways of extracting UK Government support for funding export campaigns.

Services are available for EU export support and to the rest of the world beyond.

Don’t let politics and Brexit get in the way of business. Don’t wait until the government signs new trade deals. Let Coyne Sales and Marketing help you to get the international trade deals you want, now!

New Market Development within the UK

New business development consultancy that links your marketing and sales requirements into effective ‘Go To Market strategies.  For businesses that laack the bandwidth to take on new business opportunities and don’t want to recruit until momentum is built. This service allows you to dip your toe in, without overstretching your existing infrastructure or pressuring current business relationships.

Overseas Companies Exporting to the UK

Finally, we have a service for businesses outside of the UK, specifically related to healthcare IT products and software development. If you are looking to access the lucrative NHS market, Coyne Sales and Marketing offers a specialist international sales support service.

For healthcare IT exports to the UK, Coyne Sales and Marketing has a flexible, experienced sales team available.  Specifically for software companies looking to access the national health service (NHS) in the UK, we can make the sales process simpler, faster and more profitable.

export support to the uk, nhs healthcare it sales, business development

There’s no such thing as a single point of access to the NHS. In fact, there are different NHS organisations in each of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, all organised differently. Decision-making is decentralised, particularly in the larger market, England. Businesses hoping to access it need to have a local partner that can mobilise an experienced business development team. Furthermore, it should be oOne that’s familiar with the buyers, the buying methodology and the environment.