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Sales Consultancy from Essex

Firstly, we believe there’s no magic formula for sales improvement. It depends on the specifics of each client’s business. Some clients need a complete sales turnaround and revitalisation. Others, seeking to open new channels or markets, simply have a capacity issue. In all cases, an efficient, reliable sales improvement solution is available.

Coyne Sales and Marketing offer a flexible service, tailored to your needs. We deliver sales understanding, transformation and improvement. Our experience covers business to business sales as well as direct to consumer. We have the capability to deliver the sales performance that you require.

As every situation is unique, we use a common approach to developing a tailored solution for each client. Rapid results are a feature of our sales improvement solutions.

Sales Improvement Strategy for Growth

First of all, book an independent, external sales health check from Coyne Sales and Marketing. It’s free of charge and we’ll quickly identify strengths and gaps in your team’s ability to deliver your plans.

  • Value Proposition Mapping

Value proposition mapping sharpens communications with the sales team, customers and other stakeholders. Most of all, it’s important to express your brand values in terms that add value to your customers. This aspect of service delivery concentrates upon the value proposition.

Should you deal direct or work with partners? What are the benefits of the offer?

  • Sales Leadership Support

With strong experience in the setting of realistic objectives and KPIs, we will strengthen your sales team. We will focus on setting performance and activity level expectations. Also,  Coyne Sales and Marketing coach and guide managers/directors on a one-to-one basis, in order to improve overall team delivery.

  • Learning and Development

Coyne Sales and Marketing devise and agree bespoke training plans that focus on the needs of your business. We address knowledge and experience gaps on an individual or group basis, in a classroom setting or on-the-job.

Sales Improvement Workshop, conversational selling
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Specific programmes for inside sales and customer success/service staff are available.

In addition, we run Sales Improvement Workshops on a regular basis throughout SE England. These are open to all businesses and are not bespoke to any specific needs. They are low cost and further details can be found on the workshops page of this site.

  • Sales Process Improvement

    sales improvement to get to close
    Getting to the close …

Often sales processes have ‘evolved’ and it takes an external perspective to optimise them for today’s market conditions. We will:

  • identify sales improvements;
  • deliver better customer experience; and
  • lower costs.

How reliable are your sales forecasts? Do you process orders efficiently? Also, how do you plan and deliver meetings and presentations?

If you use a CRM, is it doing what’s needed? Can improvements be made? If you don’t use a CRM system, should you? And also, which system should you go for?

  • Business Development

Finally, established companies often find new markets and distribution channels  a challenge. The skills and experience required can sometimes detract from core business. If you are stretched already and staff capacity is limited, you may feel market expansion is not possible. However, Coyne Sales and Marketing may be able to help you to expand without the need for headcount expansion.

Call in a skilled, external resource from Coyne Sales and Marketing. This will open new opportunities without disrupting your day-to-day business. Firstly, we research and analyse available information. Secondly, we can open new markets in multiple sectors, within the UK and overseas. Coyne Sales and Marketing deliver rapid results and a strong return on investment. Ask for details.